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These giant footpool tables combine the much-loved games of pool and football into one, and it’s wildly popular! Potting balls with your feet using football skills is an idea anybody can grasp, and there isn’t much of a learning curve which means people of all ages can just jump on and have fun. And what makes it particularly good for entertainment is that a typical game only lasts a few minutes so people don’t have to wait around long for a game.

The tables are strongly built (we deliver and assemble them) and have a non-slip artificial grass surface for safety. The balls are futsal balls with enough weight to them for controlled shots and lower bounciness to keep them on the table. They are ‘spots and stripes’ balls just as in the game of pool. The cushion edges are wide enough to stand on, which means players don’t have to step off the table to take a shot when the cue ball is tight against the cushion.

Footpool is extremely popular at parties, marketing events and product launches, in breakout rooms for employees, at exhibitions and conferences and private functions. Putterfingers can add branding to the table to promote a corporate image or a brand – just ask us and we’ll brand your hire table with your logo, messages, website, hashtags or any brand insignia you request.

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  • Playing area 3.5m x 2.5m
  • Setup space required: 25 sq m