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Hire a regular table tennis table or order a personalised one! Yes, we will make you a unique, bespoke colour-coordinated table with any images, logos and text you want! 

Yes, you can hire a personalised table - you don't have to buy it (though you can if you want). If you hire one, when we get it back we will resurface it for the next customer! So hire away to your heart's content! Why not hire several for a wedding or a corporate function?

These are compact ping pong tables, designed specially for events where space is often at a premium. All the fun in about half the size, these tables are just as playable as full-sized tournament tables. 

We're not Victorians, but we believe that the legs of ping pong tables should not be seen as, let's face it, they aren't very pretty. So each of our compact tables comes with a skirt to hide the legs - with lots of colours to choose from. 

Personalised ping pong tables are ideal for weddings, corporate events, as an attraction a trade shows, and any other type of event where you want some branded/personalised fun for attendees and guests!

We can print literally anything onto a bespoke personalised compact ping pong table. What's your idea for your next event?