Knowledge Base and FAQ

How is the course assembled?

The putting surface consists of interlocking astro grass tiles that connect together like jigsaw pieces. This means you can build any size and shape of putting surface you want, from a three-tile mini-putt to a 12-tile monster challenge! Here’s a short video that demonstrates how a course is put together.

Along the edges of the astro grass tiles are foam edge bumpers that attach with Velcro. They keep the ball in play – and for corporate or charity customers, they’re a good marketing opportunity because we can add branding to them. This includes logos, URLs, hashtags and other insignia that help to get the message out when the course in in use.

Our standard obstacles are injection moulded plastic. They come in a set where each obstacle offers a different challenge. They are highly playable and lots of fun to beat! You can put the obstacles where you like on the course to make it as easy or as fiendish as you see fit.

It takes about 30 minutes for one person to set up one of our 9-hole courses, and about the same to pack it away again. Each course comes with putting cups, marker flags or cones, putters in your chosen size, balls, scorecards and pencils.

What surface do I need?

A course can be laid out on any reasonably flat surface. We say ‘reasonably’ because a few ups and downs can add to the entertainment value. But it needs to be flat enough that the interlocking tiles stay together and don’t make ridges. The tiles are flexible, so there’s enough give in them to follow the contours of a gently undulating surface. Rutted fields? Maybe not. But our courses work perfectly in:

  • school fields
  • football/rugby sports fields
  • back gardens
  • indoors on office floors
  • community centre halls
  • village halls
  • car parks
  • gym floors (our courses are rubber backed and won't damage the floor)
  • hotel lobbies
  • hotel function rooms
  • pub lounges
  • shopping centre arcades.

The only surface we have ever had a real problem with is a 'meadow'. Farmers' fields and meadows tend to be quite rough and rutted. Normal school and sports fields are usually pretty good, especially if recently mown.

If the course is outdoors, what happens if it rains?

It doesn’t affect the course. The astro grass tiles have lots of drainage holes and water runs through them. As soon as it stops raining, play can continue.

Will it damage indoor floors?

No. The tiles are rubber-backed and don’t leave any marks on hotel dance floors, school gyms, laminated floors etc.

To further avoid indoor damage we supply low bounce golf balls for outdoors use and softer foam golf balls for use indoors.

How big are the minigolf courses?

As big as you make it. Each tile is 1 square metre. A typical hole is made up of 2,3,4 or 5 tiles. On our 9-hole course, for example, a small hole is 3 square metres and a large hole is 5 square metres.

The great thing about this flexible system is that it can be designed to fit into almost any indoor or outdoor space, and the shape can fit the available space.

To give you an idea, here are some possible layouts with our various packages.

How do you supply the courses?

Unless we deliver it to you ourselves in a Putterfingers van, the equipment comes in large boxes on a pallet. With different sized courses, the only things that change are the height and the weight. More tiles and putters result in a taller pallet. The only exception is the Bitesize course, which is delivered in two boxes by a courier.

Will someone set up the course?

If you are not too far away from us, we’ll bring the equipment to you and help set it up. The day after your event we’ll come and take it down and whisk it away.

If you are a long way from us, we’ll send the course to you by courier as described above. The cost of return delivery is included.

How safe are the courses?

Very. The astro grass tiles are non-toxic and have a non-slip base so that they stay in place on all surfaces. Each tile has numerous punch holes for drainage. Even if they get wet during a British Summer, they’ll soon dry off.

Even if children or other players fall over on them, the tiles are perfectly safe They have a safe fall height of 0.9m (concrete), 1.0m (grass/earth) and 1.2m (sprung wooden floors).

Additionally, the tiles are:

  • Ammonia free and non toxic
  • CE approved and conformant with fire and children's toxicity tests
  • Conformant with European Standard on Safety of Toys EN71 Part 1:1998
  • Conformant with Mechanical and Physical Properties EN 71 Part 2:1993
  • Conformant with Flammability of Toys and EN 71 Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

The tiles are fully stain resistant and UV treated. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and will not fade.

The golf balls we supply with our courses are low bounce. They don’t have the same flight as a regular golf ball – this helps to minimise the chance of broken windows or glass.

Our putters are rubber headed to ensure safety, and also to maintain the life of the putting surface.

How can I brand/personalise my minigolf course?

For corporate events we can add company logos, hashtags, etc to the foam edge bumpers and add obstacles and colours that fit a particular theme. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How do I book a course?

Call us on 01284 848 330, fill in the contact form or drop us an email with your event date and any special requirements you have. We’ll give you a call back or communicate by email, always within 24 hours.

What are the payment options?

You can pay at Putterfingers with the following methods:

  • Delta
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Solo
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Invoice (cheques)
  • PayPal

If you have any questions about what methods of payment we take please contact for more information. If you wish to pay via American Express or AMEX we recommend using PayPal for the transaction.