Face-in-the-Hole Art Gallery

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For an entertaining backdrop to your event or venue, we bring you this funny photo wall. Put your face in the hole to become Henry VIII, Mona Lisa, Van Gogh and other classic works of art.

Great paintings from history with the faces cut out make for a classic photo opportunity to add to the fun!

The Gallery can be configured into a couple of layout options such as a ‘U’ shape gallery or and ‘L’ shape in the corner of a room. The panels are supported together to create a seamless wall of paintings and the Gallery benefits from a footprint of 25sqms.

You can also hire or buy individual artworks from the gallery straight off our website. Available in 100cm by 180cm boards, 80cm x 150cm boards and handheld selfie boards.

Available to hire or buy as a single panel or all three panels to make an art gallery. Add a surreal twist to your event!

Give us a call about the Face in hole Art Gallery so we can discuss your needs, delivery and hire duration.