Medium Mini Golf School Team Set

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Introducing the Medium Mini Golf School Team Set - Our medium mini golf set is great for larger groups of children, with a range of putters, we recommend this set for groups of 15-30 children! With it's size, this set is perfect for curriculum PE lessons as well as sports days and fundraising activities. With our mini golf sets, all students are sure to enjoy lessons, even those who are less interested in sporting activities! Putterfingers mini golf sets are designed with convenience and fun in mind, this comprehensive set includes everything you need to create a thrilling mini golf experience for students of all ages.

Ideal for physical education classes, after-school programs, or recreational activities, the Medium Mini Golf School Team Set promotes teamwork, coordination, and healthy competition among students. It offers a fantastic opportunity for teachers to incorporate engaging, hands-on learning experiences while fostering social interaction and friendly rivalry.


This 58 piece set includes:

- 1 My MiniGolf obstacle set - a full set of 13 injection-moulded mini golf obstacles (4 x Warm-Up, 2 x Daytona, Bridge, Loop 360, Towers, Acapulco, Volcano, Maze & Wave)

- 15 Low bounce balls

- 15 Rubber headed putters (variety of sizes)

- 1 Nylon Carry Bag

 - Number cones 1-9

- 1 Maths symbol cones set (5 cones)

1 My MiniGolf obstacle set complete with a handy nylon carry bag for easy storage and transportation. Includes a full set of My Mini Golf obstacles: 4 x Warm-Up, 2 x Daytona, Bridge, Loop 360, Towers, Acapulco, Volcano, Maze & Wave.

The obstacles are made from moulded injection plastic and can be positioned anywhere on the ground for an easy set up. Suitable for almost every level surface: grass, tarmac, carpet, laminated or wooden floors. The challenge varies with the playing surface.

15 Low bounce balls - choose from low bounce or foam mini golf balls, both are specifically designed to have low flight and limit any damage. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

15 Rubber headed putters - we have a variety of sizes to choose from depending on the age range of the pupils you are catering for. Choose from 37", 35" or 31" - typically used for teenagers and adults, or 27" or 24" putters best suited to more junior players. 

Numbered cones (1-9) are ideal for navigating pupils around the "play anywhere" mini golf. Or combine with the set of 5 math symbol cones to work some basic arithmetic into your lesson.