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Our Partysize course offers the perfect mini golf experience for a smaller group of students. With 6 exciting holes, it's tailored for a class of 12-18, enabling kids to enjoy the game in pairs or groups of three. If you find Funsize a tad too large and Bitesize slightly too compact, Partysize could be the ideal fit for your mini golf needs.
18 x 1msq Astro grass tiles (makes 6 holes at 2,3 and 4sqms)
Foam edge bumpers
1 My Mini Golf obstacle set
9 Rubber headed putters
9 Low bounce balls
Number cones 1-6


        • Each astro grass tile is 1000mm x 1000mm x 18mm.
        • The astro grass tile is formed with a closed cell EVA base (11mm) and a synthetic durable grass effect surface (7mm).
        • Compliant with European Safety Standard on Safety of Toys EN71 Part 1, Mechanical and Physical Properties EN71 Part 2, Flammability of Toys and EN71 Part 3.
        • Manufactured to ISO9001 standards.
        • Foam edge bumpers are formed with PE (Polyethylene) and are closed cell foam, which is non-porous and waterproof.


          • A variety of lengths to suit players of different ages and sizes
          • Head colours: Black, Green or purple
          • Steel shaft
          • Rubber head with alignment marks


          • Special low bounce mini golf balls specially designed for use on indoor and outdoor mini golf/crazy golf courses.
          • Has low flight so will not damage glass or mirrors.
          • Dimpled surface like regular golf balls
          • Variety of colours


My Minigolf obstacles - sturdy injection-moulded obstacles in a variety of challenging shapes:

          • Acapulco, (an inward spiral to the cup)
          • Bridge
          • Daytona - a banked curve
          • Maze - multiple ramps, but only one leads to the hole!
          • Tower - a fortified castle where your ball needs to go between the battlements
          • Volcano - a good test of putting stroke weight
          • Warm Up - a putting cup for taking warm up shots
          • 360 - a loop-the-loop obstacle


        • Suitable for 1 to 4 players
        • Rows for 18 holes
        • Custom designs available
        • Can be branded with your logo


    "We love the course. It is really well put together and can see it will be long lasting. It is easy enough for the pupils to create their own hole and adds an element of teamwork to the lesson. Pupils from reception to year 6 have all had a go on the course and all enjoy it."

    -Mr Templerley, Westfield School