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Family Friendly Entertainment

Mini golf is a family-friendly activity, making pubs and hotels more appealing to a wider range of guests. Families with children are more likely to choose venues that offer activities suitable for all ages. It can help create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere, making it more likely that people will stay longer and spend more money.

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Benefits of Mini Golf for your Venue

At Putterfingers, our goal is to help you create a vibrant and inclusive experience that caters to a diverse range of guests. Mini golf is the ideal activity for entertaining individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our portable crazy golf courses offer year-round enjoyment, provided you have adequate indoor space. The good news is, we offer a variety of courses that require as little as 15 square meters for setup.


List of benefits of mini golf for hotels and pubs

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Our Courses

We provide portable mini golf equipment, for sale or for hire to a range of venues for corporate events, parties, weddings and many other occasions across the UK.

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Courses to Buy

Courses to Hire

 What Putterfingers provide…

  • Mini golf courses in a range of sizes

Buy or hire one of our portable, mini golf courses. We can recommend which course is best for you depending on your audience and their needs. Our team will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have. 

  • Choose from our range of small packages through to our larger ones that include themed obstacles, or why not purchase your own bespoke obstacles? 


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