Care Homes Mini Golf

Care Home Mini Golf Hire

Mini golf is an ideal activity for care homes. It is accessible and wheelchair-friendly. It offers an opportunity for gentle exercise and socialising and creates an enjoyable atmosphere with colourful putting surfaces and obstacles. It is a simple game with clear objectives and has provided many hours of enjoyment at care homes across the country. Putting a ball towards a hole helps practice muscle control and hand-eye coordination.

What you get with a Putterfingers Mini Golf Hire:

Elderly Wheelchair User playing Putterfingers Mini Golf
  • Interlocking astro grass tiles

  • Foam edge bumpers in a choice of colours

  • Putters in a choice of lengths

  • Low bounce balls

  • My Minigolf obstacles – injection moulded obstacles in a variety of

    shapes and colours, each presenting a different challenge

  • Tee-off mats

  • Hole markers

  • Putting cups and flags.

Course sizes

We offer a range of sizes for hire to suit different venues and budgets, from Bitesize (4 holes) to Supersize (9 holes) and even Monstersize (up to 18 holes) for larger events. The course is modular and flexible and can be laid out to fit almost any size of venue and floor plan, indoors and outdoors.

When you hire a course from Putterfingers, talk to our friendly team to see what the requirements are for size, budget and event duration.

Set Up

Setup takes between 30 and 45 minutes depending on which size of course is chosen. It’s a simple matter of joining together the interlocking astro grass floor tiles into shapes of your choosing (or following some of our recommended patterns), putting out the obstacles, cups and numbered hole cones, and the course is ready to play!

The great thing is that the equipment offers so much flexibility in placement and layout.

Depending on where you are based, we will either ship the equipment out to you via courier, or if you are not too far away from us (we’re based in Norfolk), our team will deliver and set up for you.

Hire or Buy

Courses can be hired for events or purchased outright. The whole course, when disassembled, has a floor footprint of 1x1.5m, which easily fits into a storage room or under the stairs. It will also fit into a standard lift shaft or a typical family car, so can be easily transported out to gardens, dining rooms or further afield. The course requires no power supply so you are free to take it wherever you need!

If you are planning events for residents, staff and families at your care home, get in touch to add crazy golf to your activities.