Mini Golf for School Sports

Engage all pupils in school sports with mini golf

Mini golf for school sports

Mini golf is an ideal solution to give ALL children an opportunity to get involved in school sports. It is a sport that is designed to be open to all ages and abilities.

Mini golf requires problem-solving skills over physical ability for players to be successful. Including mini golf in PE lessons or sports day activities can provide a confidence boost and reignite an enjoyment of sports. 

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Benefits of Mini Golf to Schools

At Putterfingers, we are passionate about the benefits mini golf brings to schools, colleges and Universities. Here are some of the benefits mini golf brings to school sports, team building activities and recreational activity clubs:

 Mini golf benefits to schools

Mini golf equipment for schools & activity clubs

We provide portable mini golf equipment, for sale or for hire to a mix of schools, colleges, Universities and activity clubs across the UK.

Mini golf courses to buy
PE and sports equipment
Mini golf hire for school activity days

Courses to Buy

PE & Sports Equipment

Courses to Hire

 What Putterfingers provide…

  • Mini golf courses in a range of sizes

Buy or hire one of our portable, mini golf courses. Suitable for every age and ability. Our courses are accessible for wheelchair users and can be set up anywhere, indoors or out.
Younger children often enjoy the set up process, arranging the Astro tiles, foam bumpers and obstacles in different formations.
Teenagers and young adults like the competitive socialising element of minigolf, getting to know their peers over a fun game.

  • Sports equipment

We supply everything you need to get younger golfers up and running. We stock equipment and golfing sets available for all ages from age 3 upwards.

Choose from our range of school team kits, training aids for coaching or junior golf supplies for your school sports department.


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Don't just take our word for it!

"We love the course.

It is really well put together and can see it will be long lasting. It is easy enough for the pupils to create their own hole and adds an element of teamwork to the lesson.

Pupils from reception to year 6 have all had a go on the course and all enjoy it."

Mr Templerley, Westfield School


Mini golf encourages participation in PE lessons