Useful minigolf links

Links - geddit? We actually mean web links to minigolf organisations and other useful minigolf-related places.

British Minigolf Association (BMGA)

Offical site for the British Minigolf Association.

World Mini Golf Sport Federation

The WMF is the umbrella organization of minigolf sports associations worldwide and continental associations in Asia, Europe and America.

European Mini Golf Sport Federation

The official homepage for the European Minigolfsport Federation (EMF), you can find out about the various tournaments such as the European Championships, the Nations Cup and the European Cup.

Miniature golf on wikipedia

Find out everything Wikipedia has to know about our favourite sport: history, competition formats, organisations, rules. 

The Ham and Egger Files

The best mini golf blog on the planet, written by irrepressible minigolf champion Richard Gottfried.


PicturePutt combines face in the hole photo boards with crazy golf to create a unique new golf game as entertainment.

Photo Cutouts

Create some memories... Simply pop your face through the peep board and snap away to capture fun memories! Can be combined with minigolf for a super fun day.

Ten of the worlds' most sensational mini golf courses - The Guardian

From minigolf at a funeral home to a glow-in-the-dark minigolf detective puzzle, these are the world's strangest and most imaginative minigolf experiences.

A glimpse into the lives of professional minigolfers

Yes, there are professional minigolfers - and they take it as seriously as pro golfers. Here's a YouTube video from a recent tournament attended by pros.

How to win at minigolf: tips and techniques

Some pro tips on winning, if you're insanely competitive. In face you need to be insanely competitive to win.

Wedding Workshop

Planning a wedding? Our friends over at Wedding Workshop will see you right. An online store for all your favours, accessories, bespoke unusual bouquets, bridal jewellery, reception decorations and decor and all the other bits and bobs a bride or groom may need.