Mini Golf - Engaging Care Home Activities

Mini Golf: The Perfect Addition for your Care Home

Looking for a new, affordable activity for your care home that can be used indoor or outdoor and can easily be packed away into a cupboard? Then Putterfingers Mini Golf might just be exactly what you're looking for!
Our primary objective here at Putterfingers, is to provide a delightful and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. There are numerous activities to do in a care home although none quite like mini golf! Our fully customisable, flexible, and lightweight mini golf courses are designed to cater to a wide range of events, occasions, and day-to-day activities. We have found that our courses are particularly well received by the elderly community, as they offer numerous mental and physical benefits that encourage them to stay active and energised.


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MemoryPlaying mini golf involves remembering the layout of the holes, including the position of hazards, angles, and the most successful strategies for each course. Recalling this information during gameplay exercises memory recall abilities and can help strengthen memory function over time.

Inclusive - At Putterfingers, we have designed our courses with accessibility in mind, ensuring that they are wheelchair-friendly and have smooth pathways for individuals with mobility challenges. This allows individuals with varying physical abilities to participate and enjoy the game.

Needs - Care homes have the responsibility to meet various needs of their residents to ensure their well-being and quality of life. Mini golf and other entertaining physical activities can contribute to a variety of the residents needs such as social interaction, mental & physical well-being, recreational needs and many other essential requirements.

Interaction - Mini golf provides an excellent opportunity for group activities within care homes. Residents can come together and form teams or play in small groups, fostering social connections and camaraderie. As well as this, family members, staff, or even volunteers from the community can get involved. This multi-generational involvement provides opportunities for intergenerational interactions, fostering understanding, empathy, and the sharing of experiences between different age groups.

Gentle Exercise - Engaging in mini golf requires slow, controlled movement and minimal strenuous activity, this contributes to increased heart rate and improved cardiovascular health. Gentle movements and minimal impact on the joints, makes it suitable for individuals with varying levels of mobility or those who prefer low-impact exercises.

Opportunity - Mini golf brings an array of opportunities for residents in care homes. It promotes cognitive stimulation, often a sense of achievement, and positive interaction, enhancing the overall well-being and quality of life for the difficulty levels, allowing individuals to choose the layout that suits their skill elderly. All of these factors contribute to the overall happiness and fulfilment of care home residents.

Layout - Our courses are be designed with adjustable tiles meaning a variety of levels and physical abilities. This ensures that everyone can participate and enjoy the game at their own pace, regardless of their age or physical limitations.

Fun - Finally, mini golf is an all round fun activity that brings joy, laughter, and enjoyment to the elderly. It offers a break from daily routines, provides a source of entertainment, and creates opportunities for fun and leisure. Engaging in enjoyable activities is essential for mental and emotional well-being. 



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Mini Golf Courses & Equipment for Care Homes


We offer 5 different course sizes to buy.

Our portable courses consist of 1msq astro tiles that can be set up in any formation and easily stored away, with a small storage footprint.

Tiles can be set up with double width to allow accessible wheelchair access.


5 different courses sizes also available to hire.

For local set ups, the Putterfingers Team will deliver and set up at your care or residential home.

For set ups further afield, courses will be delivered by courier for self assembly. Courses are designed for quick and easy set up.


Courses to Buy Courses to Hire


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Care Home Reviews


Take a look at some of the ways Putterfingers has helped Local Care Homes
Mini golf for care homes

It all comes down to having a bit of fun. The staff also like a bit of competition and are just as competitive.

Marie Browne, Activities Co-ordinator, The Beeches Care Home, Norfolk


This is lovely, it's the first time I have done anything like this.

Jean Wade resident at The Beeches Care Home, East Harling

We were looking for activities that got our older clients up and out of their chairs and moving around. The goal was to have them doing some gentle exercise without it being too strenuous. We have also run a sports day where it was very successful.

Age UK Merton


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