10 Reasons Why Putterfingers Mini Golf is a Fantastic Addition For Care Homes

Mini Golf: The Perfect Addition for your Care Home

Looking for a new, affordable activity for your care home that can be used indoor or outdoor and can easily be packed away into a cupboard? Then Putterfingers Mini Golf might just be exactly what you're looking for!

Read our top 10 reasons why Mini Golf is the perfect care home activity and how Putterfingers can provide you with all the mini golf equipment to get you up and running.

10 Reasons Why Putterfingers Mini Golf is a Fantastic Addition For Care Homes

  1. Mini golf is an ideal activity for care home residents as it combines gentle exercise with hand-eye coordination practice.
  2. Mini golf offers residents an opportunity to socialise and communicate and the course can be placed indoors or outdoors.
  3. The equipment is designed to dry quickly after rain showers so that play is not put off too long if it rains. The putting mats have holes for drainage to allow quick drying.
  4. The layout can be altered to suit the surroundings, allowing care home staff to create a custom minigolf course for their particular establishment.
  5. Putterfingers mini golf courses are highly accessible and wheelchair-friendly.
  6. The difficulty level can be varied by adjusting the layout, from minimum challenge to a bit more tricky.
  7. The equipment is designed for easy storage when not in use, with a floor footprint of about one square metre. It will also fit into a lift shaft for events not held on the ground floor.
  8. A variety of sizes is available from three or four holes to a full 18-hole course. All equipment is available to hire or buy. Hiring is good for parties and one-off events whilst buying a course means it can be used many times and stored away easily when not in use.
  9. Mini golf is a lovely activity for elderly people because apart from being a bit of light exercise, it is also a throwback to days at the seaside. Mini golf courses have been popular at Britain’s beach resorts since the 1930s and residents are quite likely to have seen or played on one in their youth.
  10. Fun extras to add onto your package. We also make and supply seaside face-in-the-hole photo boards. These are a fitting addition to a mini golf course and are very typical of seaside scenes throughout the 20th century. Ask us for details.

Beeches Residental Home - Mini Golf

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Purchase A Mini Golf Course

All our Mini Golf Course Packages come with all the equipment you need to get started. Ranging from our 4 Hole Bitesize Course to our 18 Hole Monstersize Mini Golf Course, our portable courses are available for both purchase and hire. Don't hesitate to get in touch for more information.