Why Putterfingers?

A complete Putterfingers crazy golf course will fit into the back of an average family car. It will also fit into a standard lift. We’ve delivered courses to the top floors of corporate buildings in London and remote fields in the country. A course can be set up and ready to play on in less than half an hour. This makes Putterfingers crazy golf the most portable, versatile pop up mini golf you can hire or buy.

The storage footprint of a Putterfingers course is just 1 x 1.5 m, which means that a purchased course can easily be stored away for use whenever it’s required. Everything stacks neatly, including the 13 obstacles which fit closely together for storage in the special bag provided (with instructions on how to stack them together!)

The courses are designed to work in as wide a variety of places as possible. Indoors, the interlocking astro grass mats that form the putting surface have a non-slip backing so that they can be used on wooden or tiled floors – and they will not leave marks or scratch the floor. Outdoors, any reasonably flat surface can be used, including grass, concrete and tarmac. The floor tiles are quick-drain (the bottom side is full of little holes) so that play can continue straight after a rain shower. No putting in puddles!

Portability means flexibility. A course can be set up almost anywhere in half an hour or even less, depending on the size you choose to buy or hire. If you are reasonably close to our base in Norfolk and hire a course, our staff will set the course up for you. Otherwise we will ship it to you by courier (everything fits on a pallet) with full instructions on setup, takedown and packing ready for return. If you buy a course to use again and again, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

We work directly with the venue if you prefer not to have to worry about the minigolf course. That means we deliver and take away by arrangement with the venue. This works well for weddings where it’s the last thing on the bride and groom’s minds! 

Whether you buy Supersize, Funsize, Bitesize or Custom, the storage footprint of a course is the same, but it will be taller the bigger the course. All our courses are easily transportable and of course need no power supply, so they can be used even in remote locations with no electricity.

Putters, balls, flags, cones, floor tiles, obstacles, scorecards and pencils all in one neat package – that’s portable crazy golf, and that’s what we do!