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Hand Sanitiser / Hand Wash Stations

The new normal for us all means that any event, party, wedding, exhibition, conference or other get together will require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hand washing / sanitising facilities made available.

For commercial event organisers; including PPE and hand wash / sanitisers in your Risk Assessment is going to become mandatory.

Leisure event customers are going to need hand wash / sanitiser facilities as well as the more normal 'fun' event equipment, and so for this reason we have sourced a range of portable hand sanitiser / hand-wash stations that we can supply for hire / rental or to buy.

Our hand sanitisers currently come in the following standard sizes, although custom boards can be made for you:

  • 1 dispenser: 75 x 150cm
  • 4 dispensers: 150 x 130cm
  • 6 dispensers: 200 x 130cm

Our sanitiser stations are suitable for use during the current Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak, but will also be suitable for ongoing hygiene requirements.

Made from an industrial PVC, with strengthened legs, these commercial sanitation stations are sturdy and weatherproof, ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Use one of our ‘off the shelf’ designs, or work with our in-house graphic design team to create a bespoke hand sanitiser station, designed and manufactured to your liking and fully incorporating your branding.

Our custom designed, portable, hand sanitiser stations may be positioned in retail spaces, supermarkets, at pharmacies, on petrol station forecourts, or indeed anywhere that people congregate.

These hand wash boards are also highly suitable for being placed at the entrance to an event, as well as strategically dotted around within the event / exhibition / conference floor itself.

If you are planning a wedding or a party, place a hand wash station at the entrance so that your guests may wash their hands as they enter.

Bespoke Boards

Use our standard artwork, or let us work with your team to design your own bespoke boards. Once the image is finalised we produce a high quality laminated matt vinyl print onto industrial standard PVC board, which is mounted on an anodised aluminium frame. This is very durable and weather resistant so can be used indoors or outdoors. Importantly this also means it can be wiped clean to maintain good hygiene. We provide steel support structures to safely and securely keep the board upright during use. It would also be possible to attach the board and frame to a wall if required. We can add simple wall brackets to the frame during the manufacturing process if you would like this option.

Optional add-ons
  • Wheeled sanitiser station

  • If you require the layout of the wall and height of the dispenser to better suit the needs of children, we can rearrange the artwork and lower the position of the dispenser accordingly.