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Mini Golf for Clare School Students


Mini golf is an activity that can be adapted to accommodate children with different abilities. Our range of courses are very accessible, allowing all children to participate fully. Inclusive recreation opportunities like mini golf promote a sense of belonging, acceptance, and inclusion for children with disabilities.

Additionally, mini golf involves planning and problem-solving skills. Children need to analyse the layout of the   course, determine the best route to take, and calculate the force and direction required to putt the ball into the hole. This activity can enhance their spatial awareness, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities. 

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How Mini Golf can Benefit SEN Schools

At Putterfingers, we are passionate about the benefits mini golf brings to all children, most importantly those with disabilities. Here are some of the benefits mini golf brings to children and how we can help them learn and progress their development in a fun and comforting way.
Benefits of mini golf for SEN Schools

Mini golf equipment for schools & activity clubs

We provide portable mini golf equipment, for sale or for hire to a mix of schools, colleges, Universities and activity clubs across the UK.

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 What Putterfingers provide…

  • Mini golf courses in a range of sizes

Buy or hire one of our portable, mini golf courses. Suitable for every age and ability. Our courses are accessible for wheelchair users and can be set up anywhere, indoors or out.
Younger children often enjoy the set up process, arranging the Astro tiles, foam bumpers and obstacles in different formations.
Teenagers and young adults like the competitive socialising element of minigolf, getting to know their peers over a fun game.

  • Sports equipment

We supply everything you need to get younger golfers up and running. We stock equipment and golfing sets available for all ages from age 3 upwards.

Choose from our range of school team kits, training aids for coaching or junior golf supplies for your school sports department.


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Putting Smiles on Faces: Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

It’s not always easy or straightforward for our children to access fun activities like crazy golf, so we are really excited [to have been donated the mini golf course]'. It’s really important that we give our children, and their families, the same experiences as others, and we know this donation will spark a lot of enjoyment and smiles. We can make it fully accessible for our visually impaired children and those in wheelchairs too. We know our pupils and school community will get so much from playing with it, year after year.”


-Rebecca Wicks, Headteacher at The Clare School


Accessibility of Mini Golf
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