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Take a look at our branded floating gloss mini golf balls, these balls are perfect for promoting your business, especially if you're looking to create a lasting impression. We print your branding onto our coloured balls with precision, these mini golf balls are designed to elevate your marketing game on your putting holes.

These balls are designed to make a statement that lingers far beyond the golf course with our customisable option. Promote your brand creatively and memorably, leaving a lasting impression on clients, partners, and potential customers.

Available in 7 bright and colourful shades: Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Orange and White.

Benefits of customised mini golf balls for mini golf companies:

  • Branding Opportunity: Prominently display your mini golf company's logo, name, or slogan on the balls for increased brand visibility.
  • Marketing Tool: Serve as a unique and memorable marketing tool during tournaments, events, or giveaways, leaving a lasting impression on players.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Customised balls create an engaging and interactive experience, drawing players' attention and encouraging interaction with your brand.
  • Professionalism and Uniqueness: Differentiate your mini golf company from competitors by offering customised balls, showcasing professionalism and uniqueness.
  • Customer Loyalty: Strengthen customer loyalty by offering personalised balls, creating a sense of exclusivity and appreciation among players.
  • Promotional Merchandise: Serve as merchandise options for sale, further promoting your mini golf company and providing a revenue stream.
  • Increased Exposure: As players use these balls, your branding is showcased repeatedly, potentially reaching a broader audience beyond the golf course.
  • Gifts and Prizes: Customised balls make excellent gifts or prizes, fostering goodwill and positive associations with your mini golf business.
  • Memorable Experience: Deliver a memorable and enjoyable experience for players, associating your brand with fun and entertainment.