Golf Practice Aid, Eyeline Golf T Rod System

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Developed with Michael Breed. Set up your alignment station exactly to your specs.

Arrange the rods to fit your eye - a line on your toes, outside the ball, or multiple lines. Learn ball position from your toe line and between your feet for consistent shots. Our premium rods are made to endure the elements and abuse of riding in your bag. They will not get bent, cracked or give you annoying splinters.

Lay the feet alignment rod a little left of the target, parallel to the line of the shot. Secure the rod in place with a tee in each end of the rod. Put the crosspiece on the rod, and lay the 2nd rail in the slot pointing at the ball. Slide the ball position rod side to side to get fresh turf during your practice session. Slide the ball position rod in and out to switch to a longer or shorter club without resetting your alignment.

Alignment is the most critical element of an ?on-target? shot

Consistent ball position between the feet creates consistently solid shots

Consistent ball position from the toe line creates consistent shot shape

These premium rods are made to endure the abuse of riding in your bag; NO bending, cracking, or splinters

Note - Pack contains 2 Rods and 1 Connecting Piece.